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Travel Request Forms

​​All travel outside of the area of Central Okanagan Public Schools must be documented for international students when they are in the program. The international student and their consultant/agent must submit the appropriate forms within the timeline indicated for each travel situation after the student discusses requested travel plans with their homestay coordinator.

For travel with Host Parents and Natural Parents, the travel request form is required by the program for documentation purposes, and in some situations to confirm that the student has the necessary travel documents from the program if traveling outside of British Columbia and/or Canada.

Please Note: Arrival at the beginning of program study and departure (returning directly to home country) at the end of program study do not need to have travel request forms completed.

To determine which travel form to complete PRIOR TO TRAVEL, first identify W​HO the international student is planning to travel with.

School Related Travel (field study or school trip)

If the international student is traveling for a school related Field Study or trip, in some cases host parents can sign the Field Study Form (Levels 1, 2, 3) and in other cases International Education program staff must sign the field study form (Level 4, 5). The level of Field Study is indicated on the top of the permission form sent home by the teacher. 

Further information and questions about who should be signing field studies forms can be directed to the International Teacher at the school, or the Homestay Coordinator.​

Trips with School Teams, Groups, and Clubs

Use the (1) School Field Study form to determine who can sign the school permission form and to provide details of the trip to your homestay coordinator​. Must be submitted 1 week before travel.

Non-School Related Travel

Students will ALSO need to submit this form (7) Travel Information Form – Confirmed Details upon approval of the Travel Request and prior to departure. Must be submitted 1 week before travel.​ 

Host Parents or Natural Parents

Use the (2) Travel Form - within BC form if traveling outside the Central Okanagan Public Schools area but within British Columbia. Must be submitted 1 week before travel.

Use the (3) Travel Form - within Canada form if traveling outside British Columbia but within Canada. Must be submitted 2 weeks before travel.

Use the (4) Travel Form - outside Canada​ form if traveling outside Canada. Must be submitted 2 weeks before travel.

(Out of Canada travel for international students requires specific documentation to be provided for re-entry into Canada. Natural parents are responsible to ensure their child has the necessary Visa(s), valid Study Permit, and documentation required for this type of travel.)

Alone to meet Natural Parents

Use the (5) Travel Form - travel alone to meet Natural Parents form if requesting to travel alone to meet Natural Parents (this includes travelling home during school breaks).​ Must be submitted 2 weeks before travel.

Older Sibling

*Use the Other Adult Supervisor request (6) form below. Must be submitted 2 weeks before requested travel.

Adult Family Member who is not Natural Parents or Sibling

*Use the Other Adult Supervisor request (6) form below. Must be submitted 2 weeks before requested travel.

Other Adult Supervisor (at least 25 years of age)

Use the (6) Travel Request Form - Travel with Supervisor form if requesting to travel with someone other than Host Parents or Natural Parents. This includes situations in which the international student is travelling alone to meet someone other than Natural Parents.​​​​​ Must be submitted 2 weeks before requested travel.​

For convenience, all forms can be accessed in one PDF document here International Student Travel Forms - ALL​