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Joining a school sports team is a great way to make friends, enjoy school culture, and see other parts of BC. Here are the general seasons for school sports. Most high school sports team members are selected through a competitive tryout process.


Sport Seasons

September – March
Basketball – Junior Girls
December – March
Basketball – Junior BoysNovember – March
Basketball – Senior GirlsDecember – March
Basketball – Senior BoysNovember – March
Cross CountrySeptember – March
Curling – Senior GirlsNovember – March
Curling – Senior BoysNovember – March
Field Hockey – Senior GirlsAugust – November
Football – Senior BoysAugust – November
Golf – Boys and Girls March – June
Rugby – Junior BoysMarch – June
Rugby – Senior GirlsMarch – June
Rugby – Senior Boys January – June
Soccer – Senior GirlsJanuary – June
Soccer – Senior BoysSeptember – November
Track and Field – Boys and GirlsMarch – June
Volleyball – Junior GirlsSeptember – December
Volleyball – Junior BoysSeptember – December
Volleyball – Senior GirlsAugust – December
Volleyball – Senior BoysAugust – December
Wrestling – Boys and GirlsNovember – March
* Try-out required

BC School Sports Rules for International Students
* 3 month / short term students not eligible to complete (must be at least a 5 month student)
* Can not be a graduate.  If a student has graduated in their home country they are not eligible to compete.


For a link to school sports, please visit Central Okanagan School Athletics Association
There are also many well run community sports organizations that our International Students can join. If you have any specific requests, please contact our office.